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Conscious Brands


Key Ethical Influencers

Impactful Panelists

Emily Warburton-Adams

Co-founder @pow.food. Emily loves to share stories about companies and people making a difference. Emily is passionate about mental Health, Sustainability & Conscious living for the mind and body.

Livia van Heerde

Livia blogs about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. Livia lives in Vienna and London where she studies Environmental Science. She is passionate about the environment and human rights and try to live true to her values.

Karen Maurice

n4mummy is a sustainable lifestyle blog written by Karen Maurice, bringing you the very best of eco-friendly and ethical fashion, beauty and homeware for mums.

Karen is a mum with a weakness for clothes, chocolate & prosecco!

Suze | Luxury Columnist

Suze is the founder of Luxury Columnist, named one of the top luxury blogs by Vuelio and one of the 50 best luxury blogs and websites by Qosy. it has over 400,000 social media followers. Luxury Columnist helps you to experience authentic luxury by focusing on useful tips, hidden gems and unique experiences.

Tamsin Lejeune / Moderator
CEO at Common Objective (CO), Founder of Ethical Fashion Forum

Ethical Fashion Forum is the global industry body for sustainable fashion. Common Objective is a platform that helps fashion professionals to do business better. For 12 years Tamsin has been building a global movement in the fashion industry, spanning 141 countries.

Ethical Experts

Landiana Yolo

Landiana is the vice-president of Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe, and one of the Feeric33 fashion design competition’s coordinators. Her mission is to promote young designers and to support their activities.

Being an animal lover and obviousy vegetarian, she is also a promoter of sustainable technics and strategies and she uses her influence to determin others to embrace this concept.

Marta Canga

Spanish Influencer living in London who has a passion for cruelty-free fashion, vegan food and green beauty. Marta is a speaker at Going Green 2019 Online Summit.

Conscious Brands


Like you, Komodo believes the simple actions we make today can have a huge and positive impact on the future.

Komodo also understands that finding ways to live more sustainably can be difficult and often, when we try to act more responsibly it seems to limit our choice. That’s why Komodo has been creating and perfecting our range of affordable, on trend eco fashion for 30 years.


COS is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional, considered design.

Offering reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials, we create pieces that are made to last beyond the season. Traditional methods and new techniques merge to form timeless, understated collections.


SABINNA is a fashion and lifestyle brand for women. Founded by Russian-born and Austrian-raised designer Sabinna Rachimova. SABINNA presents a seasonal collection at London Fashion Week and in May 2017 won the Fashion Futures awards presented by Decoded Fashion and the British Fashion Council.

Wear the Walk

Founded in 2017, Wear the Walk was built to be different. Our concept is different, our clothes are different and our customers are different. Grounded in sustainability and diversity Wear the Walk is pioneering the rental fashion space and providing savvy, kick-ass women access to the very best luxury fashion on rotation.


A native of New Zealand, Tim Brown was always well versed in the magical qualities of merino wool. Inherently curious, he began asking himself why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the footwear industry. And with that spirit of wonder, the Allbirds journey began.

Maxine Shoes

MAXINE Shoes was founded by an adventurous and fun lady Maxine Wille. Maxine grew up in Frankfurt, moved to London to study fashion design and then worked for Marc Jacobs in New York. The shoes are designed in London and crafted in the Marche region of Italy. The factory is a family-run business, that way MAXINE is contributing to the local businesses and is a proudly sustainable brand, making the world a nicer place.


Hirestreet was founded to enable customers to save money for the important things in life: travel, fun and adventure.

We know (from personal experience) that a new outfit can have a huge impact on self-confidence and Hirestreet girls are empowered with the freedom to have the looks they love, whilst also being able to save for the important things in life.

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